Brand Portfolio

Our ever increasing portfolio is a careful selection of products and product ranges that fit our corporate vision and mission. The objective is not to flood the market with me-too products but ‘objects of healthy desire’. Our portfolio consists of products which in their own category are superior in more than one ways, which stand out amongst all the rest with highest quality superior taste and simply by far the best on the shelf.

Offering Basket : Our brand portfolio starts at the basics with sweeteners as our flagship product.

AlphaNexa’s first range to hit the retail shelf was REPLAZE ORIGINALE, our brand of Sucralose, the world’s safest sweetener, proven over years of usage across every corner of the world. Sucralose (Replaze Originale) was our chosen sweetener keeing in sync with our corporate philosophy of

  1. Safest and Healthiest
  2. Uncompromised on taste

Users of Replaze Orginale accept nothing but that brand owing to its undoubtedly superior quality as compared to any other in the world. Pls visit

Further, In order to give our existing and new customers a complete offering, AlphaNexa launched REPLAZE NATURALE. A herbal way of sweetening with nature’s very own sweet leaf, Stevia. Do check

We then moved into the section that the world finds irresistible.. Chocolates. Finest chocolates from Switzerland and yet with no added sugar. Our chocolates have been eaten with disbelief by the chocolate connoisseurs of the world. There is no way to tell that REPLAZE PRIVELEGE Chocolates are free from any added sugar, unless of course you read the ingredients. More info on

Next in the pipeline are ready to bake sugar-less cake mixes and better for you range of chips and other snacks.

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